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At Amperite Co., a division of Olympic Controls Corporation, we manufacture relays, flashers and timing controls.

We pride ourselves in high-quality products, personal service, and prompt delivery. We use our engineering and materials expertise, proprietary technology, manufacturing skill, distribution, flexibility, and marketing power to deliver products, brands, and services to our customers. Our core strength is the ability to supply customized relay products to meet today’s design requirements.

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The SWUDC Series time delay relay operates in any one of four timing modes.   Amperite manufactures relays, flashers and timing controls, including WRDC Series Time Delay Relay.   Amperite manufactures relays, flashers and timing controls, including Stop-Alert flashers.   The Amperite SEQ series recycling timers may be used to alternately switch two to four loads in a repeating sequence.

Applications Guide: Relays, Flashers and Timing Controls

Here are a few of Amperite’s product applications. To see more go to the Applications Guide.

Delay-on-make TDR, Normally Open
(B, C, C10, DC10, G, ST1, ST1A, ST1D, SWDC, SWPDC, SWRDC Series)

Blower Motors
A normally open delay-on-make timer can be used to operate a blower motor which is to be delayed for a specified amount of time after an electric, gas, or oil heater has been started. This avoids movement of cold air into a room that is occupied by people.

At Amperite Company we manufacture relays, flashers and timing controls.Motors & Compressors
A normally open delay-on-make timer will provide staggered starting times for two or more motors or compressors which have been simultaneously activated by a main disconnect switch. This will avoid excessive power line surge current which would otherwise occur if all motors were to be started at the same time.

Normally Closed, Delay-On-Break TDR (B, C, C10, DC10, G, SWDC, SWPDC, SWRDC Series)

Air Conditioning SystemAt Amperite Company we manufacture relays, flashers and timing controls.
A normally closed delay-on-break TDR can be used to hold the blower motor in operation for a specified time after the cooling compressor has been turned off by the thermostat.  This allows the residual cooling effect in the evaporator coil to be used to provide additional BTU’s of cooling after the compressor has stopped.

Gas Valve Control System
Any electrically operated natural or propane gas ignition system must be monitored to ensure that ignition has occurred and a flame is present. The normally closed relay can be used to interrupt power to the gas valve solenoid in the event of a malfunction of the system.

Triggered Delay-On-Release TDR (CR, CR10, DCR10, STB Series)

Electric and Gas Dryers
The delay-on-release timer may be used to operate a motor or other electrical device, such as an electric or gas dryer, for a specified time.  In a commercial laundromat, for example, it is desired to operate the dryer for 10 minutes after a coin is inserted.  When the customer presses the start button, the dryer will run for the allotted time.

At Amperite Company we manufacture relays, flashers and timing controls.Amusement Rides
Amusement rides are generally time events, lasting for just a few minutes at a time. When the operator activates the start button, the driving motor is automatically started and shut down after the desired time interval.

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