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At Amperite Co., a division of Olympic Controls Corporation,
we manufacture relays, flashers and timing controls.

We pride ourselves in high quality products, personal service and prompt delivery. We utter our engineering and materials expertise, proprietary technology, manufacturing skill, distribution, flexibiliy and marketing power to deliver products, brands and services to our customers. Our core strength is the ability to supply customized relay products to meet today’s design requirements.

Contact us at (800) 752-2329 for all your relay needs.

Featured Products


Amperite offers numerous flashers for a multitude of applications. Here are just a few that we offer.

DF Series

The DF Series flasher is a compact, two-terminal flasher, totally epoxy encapsulated, with solid state analog circuitry and no moving parts to wear out; available with universal input voltage of 24-120V AC/DC or in single voltages from 12V to 240V. Flash rates are fixed from 10 to 1000 FPM with 50% duty cycles. The DF flashers cross to most competitive two-terminal flashers and are UL & CSA approved. They are commonly used in lighting systems, displays, fire and security alarms, automotive aftermarket, amusements & games and many more applications.
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DFS Series

Head-Alert modulator has been designed to enhance awareness of motorcycle headlamp illumination.

The DFS Series has superior reliability, 100% solid state circuitry and zero AC voltage switching to eliminate problems caused by radio frequency interference (RFI). These flashers are available in 3 and 12 ampere models and are suitable for incandescent and inductive loads with flash rates from 1 to 1000 FPM. These on/off recycling flashers are engineered for applications where a pulsating visual and/or audible warning or attracting immediate attention is required and are UL approved. Used in automotive, industrial, commercial and residential emergency alar systems as well as emergency vehicles, electric signs and displays, vending machines and in process control equipment.
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Head-Alert modulator has been designed to enhance awareness of motorcycle headlamp illumination.

HDFA Series

The HDFA Series dual adjustable flashers (recycling timers) may be used to alternately switch one or two load circuits by using two built-in knob adjustable potentiometers for independent control of both flash rate and duty cycle. A SPDT 10 ampere contact set alternates continuously as long as power is applied to the relay. Standard voltages are from 12-120VAC and 12-110VDC. Typical applications include OFF/ON cycling for equipment burn-in test, lighting controls, and automatic cycling of electrically operated devices.
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DFV Series

The DFV Series on/off adjustable recycling flashers feature solid state analog circuitry with a single knob adjustable potentiometer in a standard octal plug-in package or with 11-pin spade terminals. Voltages available are from 12-120VAC and 12-110VDC, standard flash rates adjustable from 10 to 120 flashes per minute, with a 50% duty cycle. These flashers are DPDT (2 form C) with isolated 10 ampere relay contacts and are UL & CSA approved. Typical applications include instrument panel warning lights and other annunciator devices, door open indicators and navigation lights.
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