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Amperite manufactures time delay relays, flashers and controlling devices.

Focus markets are electronic distribution and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Customized and special designed products are the backbone of Amperite Co.’s stability and growth.

Our Mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality Time Delay Relays, Flashers, T-Bar Relays, Fuel Pumps and customized products.

Amperite Co. Milestones

1922—Business Incorporated in New York City, NY by Samuel Ruttenberg-produced cartridge-type Automatic Adjusting Resistors (ballast current-regulators) for tube-operated AC/DC radio sets

1930(circa)—Began making hermetically-sealed ballast regulators in vacuum tube form with helium and hydrogen gas

1940(circa)—Manufactured hermetically sealed time delay relays in a vacuum tube form with different gases and also developed several series of microphones

1964(circa)—Moved operations to Union City, NJ in a newly acquired building

1980—Amperite ownership transferred to Harold Rosenberg

1982—Product manual AM82 for glass relays and regulators introduced

1984—Introduction of the B, BR, BF Series Thermal Time Delay Relays & Flashers

1990—C, CR, D TDR and Flasher Series introduced

1991—DF Flasher, C10 and CR10 analog TDR’s introduced

1993—CI, CIR, CD10 TDR’s and DF10 Flasher were introduced

1994—DFV and DFA Variable Recycle timers were introduced

1995—DCR10 Digital Triggered Delay was introduced

1996—Web-Site and with Full Product Application went live

1998—DFS Solid State Flasher was introduced

2000—ST1, ST1A, ST2 and STB TDR’s were introduced

2002—Amperite Ownership was transferred to Olympic Controls Corp

2003—Company relocated to West New York, NJ and introduced 20 new series of Relays, Auto, PCB, General Purpose, Power and Signal Relays to complete the line

2005—Introduced SWRDC, TSW, ST1D and Head Alert 2

2006—Introduced ADOD Series automotive delay-on-dropout relays

2007—Company relocated to North Bergen, NJ

2008—Launched new Website

2008—Introduced SEQ Series Sequential Flashers

2010—Introduced Digital Countdown Timers

2018—Launched new Website

2019—Moved manufacturing facility to Olympic Controls Corp. in Eglin, IL

Olympic Controls Corp. Milestones

1968—Business Incorporated

1973—Purchased Relay Division from Oak Industries

1982—Purchased Davis Electronic Relay Business

1986—Purchased Electro Mechanic Division from GTE

1999—Purchased the Tokheim Electrical Fuel Pump line from Saint Switch

2000—Purchased the T-Bar Relay and Switch Division from Inrange Technologies

2002—Purchased Amperite