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What is a One Shot Timer and Why Are They Important?

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Optimize Operations With a One-Shot Timer

A one-shot timer is a type of timer incorporated in a time delay relay. All relays send signals that initiate or halt operations in connected machines and systems. However, time delay relays have a delay cycle, which defers the delivery of the trigger for a set period of time.

How Does a One-Shot Timer Work?

Once the voltage is applied to a one-shot timer’s relay, a time delay cycle begins. At the end of the cycle, the one-shot timer signals the trigger, which acts upon the relay, prompting the initiation or conclusion of the designated operation. The relay remains inactive until it receives a new input voltage, at which point the timer resets, and the relay prepares to accept a new trigger.

One-Shot Timers vs. Auto-Reload Timers

One-shot timers and auto-reload timers employ the same basic operating principles. However, each performs differently and offers separate best use cases.

  • One-shot timers perform their functions only once each time new input voltage is detected and are useful for tasks that need to be performed infrequently or at irregular intervals.
  • auto-reload timers automatically and repeatedly restart the relay cycle without new input voltage and are useful for tasks that need to be performed repeatedly and at regular intervals.

Common Applications of One-Shot Timers

One-shot timers find use in a wide range of applications, including in:

  • Burglar alarms. A one-shot timer provides authorized visitors with the time necessary to deactivate the security system before the alarm goes off.
  • Automatic outside mirror or rear window defrosters. One-shot timers give electrical heaters time to shut down before the defrosters kick in, reducing the likelihood of draining a vehicle’s battery.
  • Heat sealing machinery. With a one-shot timer, heating elements can be energized before heat sealing machinery starts running.
  • Spot welding machines. One-shot timers allow electrical welding machines to have the adjustable weld time needed for spot welding.
  • Automotive seat belt warnings. One-shot timers give seat belt users time to fasten their seat belts before they’re prompted with a seat belt warning signal.
  • Truck or trailer interior lights. One-shot timers help drivers avoid dead truck and trailer batteries by turning off cargo-area lights that are left on accidentally.
  • Dispensing equipment. One-shot timers facilitate the delivery of the correct amount of product in dispensing operations.
  • Timed interlocks. A one-shot timer can release a lock for a set period of time and automatically relock it, which prevents the interlock from accidentally being left open.
  • Pump stations. Irrigation and other pump systems use one-shot timers to control the length of active operations.
  • Vehicle starter interlocks. A one-shot timer can disconnect power from a vehicle’s starter motor to keep it from operating continuously, reducing the risk of overheating.

One-Shot Timers From Amperite

At Amperite Co., we have nearly a century of experience manufacturing relays, flashers, and timer controls for the electronic distribution and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets.

Our commitment to “under promise and over deliver” ensures we consistently provide high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Whether a customer requires an off-the-shelf or custom-designed product, we can meet their needs.

For additional information about our product offerings or assistance selecting a one-shot timer for your needs, contact us today.

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