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Electric Sign Parts

Posted on by Judy Johnson

Variable message signs are the electric signs often seen on the highway providing vital information such as carpooling lanes, severe weather warnings, emergencies, accidents, Amber alerts, and road conditions. These signs rely on recycling flashers to attract the attention of drivers. Recycling flashers flash on and off at a fixed rate from 2 to 1,000 times every minute, relaying the necessary information without impairing the driver’s ability to see the road.

This blog will highlight the necessity of recycling flashers as well as their various applications.

Why Are Recycling Flashers Necessary Electric Sign Parts?

Electric Sign Parts

Strobes, speed lights, and other flashing lights require a constant recycle time, which is the time it takes for the flashing light to charge back up after releasing a flash of light. Flashes have a recycling time because they expend a large amount of energy when they release big bursts of light.

The flasher puts out a greater quantity of light than its batteries or power source can replenish in a short amount of time. Typically the light of recycling flashers uses the entire power capacity and cannot light again until the recycling sequence is complete and the capacitor has time to recharge. Recycling flashers are essential to electric signs and ensure optimal performance when used on highways and other roadways.

Recycling Flashers For Electric Signs

The sequential on/off contact produced by recycling flashers can reliably control an electric sign to attract the attention of motorists when necessary. Flashing electric signs are vital for gaining motorists’ attention and displaying road conditions, accidents, and other critical information on signs.

Highways and other roadways rely on recycling flashers to help improve the flow of traffic by displaying necessary information for drivers. Some of the reasons roadways use recycling flashers in combination with electric signs include:

  • Speed Limits or Speed Traps
  • Hazardous Turns
  • Road Construction
  • Congestion or Closures
  • Fallen Debris
  • Amber Alerts
  • Terrorist or Criminal Activity
  • Accidents
  • Natural Disasters and Hazardous Weather

Recycling Flashers From Amperite

Recycling flashers play a critical role in attracting attention to signs on the roads and highways. Through a continuous on/off cycle, recycling flashers help to catch drivers’ attention without impairing their focus.

At Amperite, we offer electric sign parts, including recycling flashers to suit almost any application with flash rates from 2 to 1000 cycles per minute or 10 to 240 cycles per minute. We provide high-quality products to OEMs and electronic distribution customers with on-time delivery and manufacture products to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and specifications. Our team can work with customers from the initial design concept or provide off-the-shelf inventory to meet your needs. We work with both old and new manufacturing equipment, allowing us to deliver difficult-to-find products at an affordable price.

For more information about our recycling flashers, or to learn more about our capabilities, contact us today.

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