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Recycling Timer Applications

Posted on by Judy Johnson

Recycling timers and flashers are critical for situations where lights need to be switched on and off in a regular, repeatable pattern under specified conditions. Running anywhere from 2 to 1,000 flashes per minute, recycling timers can serve a wide variety of purposes and applications.

Recycling Timer Applications

Industrial Applications for Recycling Timers

Because they provide an immediate, customized visual alert, recycling flashers can improve safety and communication across several industrial applications, including:

Warning Light System

Flashers for warning light systems allow one or more lamps to be switched on and off at a selected repeat rate. Depending on your particular application, the flash rate can be customized to ensure optimal attention grabbing. 

Silent Alarm

In some situations, a visual emergency alert is an important tool when a siren or other warning sound might compromise safety, such as during a robbery, carjack, or other crime. DF recycling flashers are solid-state two-terminal or two-wire devices that can be easily wired into automotive electrical systems to effectively flash silent warning lights.

Electric Sign

Recycling flashers are commonly used with signage, such as traffic alerts, to make them more noticeable. Our DFW and DFWS flashers can be used to create standard on/off flashing and can control two separate sections of a sign’s lighting to provide an alternating (wig-wag) effect for increased awareness.

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lamps

Flashing lights are commonly associated with emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. Our DFW and DFWS series flashers create the typical wig-wag alternating warning lights expected from these vehicles. Other flasher products from Amperite can be utilized to control one set of lamps.

Brake Light and Headlamp Pulsators for Motorcycles and Other Vehicles

Safety can be improved for emergency vehicles and vulnerable motorcycles with the installation of our automotive lamp pulsators. Our STOP-ALERT pulsators create continuous glimmering or pulsation on vehicle stop lamps, while the STOP-ALERT 2 and STOP-ALERT 2M trigger a sequence of brief pulses followed by steady illumination of the brake lights when the pedal is pressed for five or more seconds. 

Designed specifically for motorcycles, the HEAD-ALERT creates a rapid pulsating effect for motorcycle headlights during daylight hours, and our HEAD-ALRET 2 modulator improves motorcycle headlamp illumination during the day and disables at night through the use of a photo-electric sensor.

Sequential Timer

Our SEQ series timers sequentially power individual loads, creating a display of “chasing lights”. Our units are available for two to four load circuits with load current ratings of 5 amperes. Common applications include car wash signs, theater marquees, and airport runway illumination.

Recycling Timers from Amperite

Our recycling timers include the following models:


  • Solid state
  • 2A load rating
  • 3 terminals
  • AC/DC units available
  • Fixed 2-1,000 flashes per minute (FPM)


  • Solid state
  • 2A load rating
  • Fully encapsulated circuitry
  • 2 terminals
  • 24-120V AC/DC operation in one device
  • Fixed 2-1,000 FPM


  • Solid state
  • Fixed 10-240 FPM
  • DPDT (2 form C) isolated 10 amp relay contacts
  • 12-120V AC/DC models available


  • Solid state digital CMOS
  • DPDT (2 form C) isolated 10 amp relay contacts
  • 12-120V AC/DC models available
  • User-adjustable off and on time over a 100:1 span


  • Solid state
  • 3 & 12 amp models available
  • Zero RFI
  • Fixed 1 to 1,000 FPM
  • Ideal for incandescent or inductive loads


  • Solid state
  • DPDT (2 form C) isolated 10 amp relay contacts
  • 12-120V AC/DC models available
  • Single-knob adjustment for 10-120 FPM 

DFW (Wig-Wag)

  • Solid state
  • Alternating SPST 15 amp relay contacts
  • 12V DC input
  • Approximately 110 FPM
  • Designed for emergency vehicle use


  • Solid state
  • Alternating output (drives 2 independent loads)
  • Zero RFI
  • 10 amp current rating
  • Ideal for incandescent or inductive loads
  • Fixed 1-1,000 FPM 


  • Solid state
  • 2-4 individual load circuits
  • 5 amp load current rating
  • Timing from milliseconds to minutes
  • Fixed or user adjustable timing
  • OEM customizable

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The Amperite SEQ series recycling timers may be used to alternately switch two to four loads in a repeating sequence.

Recycling timers and flashers are a critical safety component for emergency vehicles and various industrial settings. At Amperite, we offer a wide range of standard and customized recycling timer products to meet the varying needs of our customers. For more information about our product offerings, contact us today.

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