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The Importance of One-Shot Relays in Spot Welding Machines

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The Importance of One-Shot Relays in Spot Welding Machines

Commonly referred to as resistance spot welding, spot welding involves welding two or more metal sheets together using a combination of heat and pressure. Specifically, the heat from spot welding comes from an electric current that heats each metal surface to the point that they fuse together. For optimal performance, it’s important that spot welding machines utilize one-shot relays. These components allow for adjustable timed weld cycles, which is crucial for the success of spot welding.

How Do Spot Welding Machines Work?

A spot welding machine works by using copper alloy electrodes to send an electrical current between two or more metal surfaces. Copper is used because it provides high thermal conductivity with low electrical resistance, which makes it great for focusing the heat into the metal.

As the electric current flows through the electrodes, it creates concentrated heat which is focused into the metal sheets, causing them to melt and fuse together in that spot. The current is passed through the metal pieces for a controlled period of time; however, the electrodes continue to apply pressure until the joint is solidified.

One-Shot Relays in Spot Welding Machines

One important component of any spot welding machine is a one-shot relay. A one-shot relay is essentially a timer that is incorporated in a time-delay relay. These relays send signals to the machine to start or halt the welding process based on a number of factors. In spot welding, these relays allow the machine to have an adjustable weld time, which is important for proper spot welding.

A one-shot relay timer works by sensing when voltage is applied to the relay. From there, a time-delay cycle begins. Once the cycle has ended, the one-shot relay’s trigger is activated and the voltage is stopped. At that point, the timer stays inactive until new voltage is inputted, which signals the relay to reset so that the process can be repeated.

Trust Amperite Co. For Your One-Shot Relays

While one-shot relays can play a number of important roles, they are commonly used in spot welding machines to provide adjustable weld times for optimal performance. At Amperite Co., we’ve been manufacturing one-shot relays for nearly a century, and we have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with a reliable and consistent product. We provide a wide range of one-shot timers for various applications, and we also offer custom-designed products to suit your exact needs. For more information about our one-shot relays, contact our team today.

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