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Using Recycling Flashers in Variable Message Signs

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What Are Variable Message Signs?

Variable message signs—also known as changeable or dynamic message signs—are electronic signs commonly used by traffic authorities on roadways to convey important information to motorists. They can be used to indicate speed limits, provide traffic or accident updates, relay public safety messages, or spread local, state, or national news. Some places may also use them to direct drivers to specific routes or spots (e.g., car parks). The messages they show are controlled and changed by a central command center via local networks or radio links.

Common Purposes of Variable Message Signs

Since variable message signs can be easily altered to display different information, they are used for many purposes. Some of their common uses include:

  • Indicating information about permanent roadway conditions, such as any speed limits, speed traps, or tight turns that are ahead
  • Relaying information about temporary roadway conditions, such as any accidents, debris, roadwork sites, traffic congestion, road closures, etc. that are ahead
  • Conveying local, state, or national news, such as weather forecasts, Amber alerts, environmental or terroristic emergencies, etc.
  • Promoting non-critical messages, such as those about carpooling, traveler’s information stations, etc.

The Importance of Recycling Flashers in Variable Message Signs

Regardless of the message being shown by a variable message sign, if a motorist doesn’t notice the sign, they won’t read it. That’s why recycling flashers are important elements of many variable message signs.

Flashing signs are highly effective at drawing attention, which is especially essential if the information they are highlighting is critical (e.g., alerts about accidents or bad weather). Recycling flashers enable lights to have fixed on/off flash rates (typically from 2 to 1,000 flashes/minute) configured to catch the eye of motorists without blinding them.

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